Branding, Digital Design, Identity, Illustration, Print Design
About This Project

Terra Fashion is a brainchild of mine that I brought to life in my senior portfolio. I combined my love for environmentalism, conservation and fashion together into a brand that highlights valuing the Earth’s species and biomes. The Terra customer is an idealist who doesn’t sacrifice her lofty dreams for poor quality. She relishes texture and natural fibers. Researching sources and inventory chains make her giddy. Her face lights up when she discovers how much her dollar works for causes after she spends it with a company. She is feminine, explorative and fey.


Each season, Terra releases the new edition of their recurring collections: Silva, Sahara, Heather and Tundra. Each season has an overarching goal to raise awareness and money for notable biomes and their challenges. Within that biome, resident endangered species of animals and plants inspire each piece in the seasonal collection. With every purchase and inside the store, promotional materials are present to highlight the challenges and victories currently happening in the season’s environment.